Місія Арки вирощувати виробництва світового рівня, як технологічно так і по зоні торгівлі.

Ми круті хлопці


Наші цінності

We’re proud of our people, culture, and products we manufacture. We’re committed to helping our customers succeed, developing our people, protecting our communities, and making our business more sustainable. We strive to achieve maximum performance in production capabilities, sustain production excellence, and profitable outputs. 


We want to work with our clients in mind, meet and understand their special needs. We want to build loyalty in our steel brand by being our customers’ one-stop reliable supplier, the one they always trust. We will do this by:

  • Being flexible and easy to work with – this means being adaptable, compassionate, proactive, and competitive.

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    Creating new relationships and strengthening current relationships – this means being friendly, trustworthy, and engaging.

  • Working collectively to drive changes – with effectiveness and enthusiasm that stimulate service and product development.

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    Doing what we say – this means being honest and reliable.

Завдання успішної компанії у тому, щоб її лояльні клієнти самі стали ініціаторами змін.